LCD and Panda II pinout [img]?

Hi guys,
I’m trying to connect an LCD I got from here to my Panda II.

Pinout on the left is from the LCD and the one on the right is from FEZ touch lcd.

If I understand right, I should connect them as I had drawn in this picture?

Yet from the LCD I get 16 DB pins, and only 8 from FEZ.
Also from the LCD I have NC, LED-A, F_CS, F_WP and F_HOLD - what are they?


NC = not connected.

F_ are the Flash bus connections. The product has a spot for flash memory, but it’s not poulated:

[quote]There is a reserve extension design in the ITDB02 , thats the external flash . Its leave the pad and the pins out for the SST25VF016B Flash. So when you need , you can easily add a external flash for your project .

LED_A is likely to be the backlight LED Anode. Therefore it needs to be connected to back_light.

One thing I note from the itead studio link is this:

So you don’t have a touch screen, and therefore I doubt you need to connect any of these (unless you got the one

Some things to note about the the 2.4" iTead display module:

  1. VCC on the display module requires 5V
  2. Accoding to the on-line iTead support people LED_A is a LOGIC level signal used to turn the backlight on/off
  3. F_CS, F_WP and F_HOLD are control signals for the on-board flash chip (not installed)
  4. DB0-DB7 must be connected to ground since the 2.4" uses an 8-bit bus by default
  5. The D_BUSY pin is not used

This information was obtained through research and on-line conversations with iTead support people. I have not verified it personally.