Lawrence Tech and the BrainPad team up to teach STEM concepts

Lawrence Tech University (LTU) hosted the Mosaic Midtown Church and LMTLESS Program. Kids were introduced to STEM concepts and taught to program a BrainPad using Microsoft MakeCode.


Gary, could you tell me if have an actual program for using BrainPad to teach STEM? We are interested in using MakeCode and any hardware that works with it to introduce kids to electronics and coding. I have a BrainPad and would like to find some program with step by step instruction. We have a sort of ‘tech high school’ nearby but they are not using block coding with hardware. Thx.

Some trainers need an hour intro class, some half day, some 3 days…

So what we said instead is give you this simple presentation as a train the trainer course to get you started and then you can build your own course

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