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yeah Justin, nothing to see there… :smiley:

@ Brett - touche :smiley:

69$ FULL win10 computer that can run microsoft office, and also natively supports arduino. Not bad.

Wait, that includes the Win10 license? Something’s fishy…

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not necessarily, if it is a registered and licensed MS OEM then they might have access to the Windows license at a special price.

this looks similar to the many Windows Powered PC Stick that will hit the market soon which will be in the range of similar prices if not less, the only other thing this has is the integrated of the Arduino, but that is up to evaluation of well it rhymes with the OS and how easily it is to work with from inside windows.

$21 Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8300 Processor (2M Cache, up to 1.84 GHz)
$8 eMMC 32GB
$6? 2GB DDR3L

Add a few bucks for the WiFi/BT4.0 (at least…), a couple bucks for all the connectors (and there’s a bunch), a little bit of profit (someone’s gotta pay the bills), and that doesn’t leave much for the OS, even if it’s a special OEM price.

Maybe if MS is giving it away, like they did for 8.1 on small tablets…

Lately, I use kickstarter video in my own game of spot the bullshit. In this episode, the video claims “Real Time 3D Modeling” but that term is incorrect. It should say “Real Time 3D Mapping”. Its because of these subtle things that makes me question the authenticity of the project as a whole. Further, they said latest project, but this is the only project I can find for them. Also, They said its a windows 10 computer but didn’t say that it comes with windows 10. They should have just said an X86 Computer with embedded Ardunio.

Not sure why you are nitpicking, or even what you are nitpicking. Can you show stuff in 3D and move it around? Sounds like 3D modelling. This looks plenty fast for that.

[quote=“Mr. John Smith”]
Also, They said its a windows 10 computer but didn’t say that it comes with windows 10. They should have just said an X86 Computer with embedded Ardunio.[/quote]

[em]LattePanda comes pre-installed with a full edition of Windows 10[/em]

And for those asking what the price is for that:

I backed them this morning - the 99GBP ‘enhanced’ kit, 112GBP with shipping. Out of eight KS device projects, only Agent and Chip have not come through for me yet, and one of those is still looking pretty good to ship on time. Hint: It ain’t Agent.

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I was going to go and do that this morning until some little piece of scum decided to hammer my credit card with online transactions and left me with zero credit on the card. I suspect a local had copied the details from the card when I paid for food recently.

Luckily the card limit is low but it is the only credit card I have so I am now stuck for purchasing new toys for a few weeks until it is resolved. :frowning:

Maybe it was karma to stop me buying too many toys :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin - there is no such thing as too many toys


I had that happen once. Some jerk in the Czech republic got my details and tried to drain my account.

Fortunately I saw most of it all as “pending” and got to my bank before too much damage. I had to fill out forms and get a new card, and got it all back in a few weeks.

A few months later I was googling, and found my credit card info, along with thousands of others from my bank, buried in a huge text file posted on a file sharing network,

I printed out the entire file, copied the info of where I found it, and took the info to the bank. The tellers said “uh, okay. What do you want us to do?” - I finally found someone with some sense, and they took it, and did who knows what with it.

Not even a thank you, lol.

what were you doing lurking around the dark side of the internet :whistle:

I googled my credit card number, lol. You should try it… if you dare :slight_smile:

I did the old one and nothing came up. :slight_smile:

What format did you search with?