Hi all

My users will have the option to reboot the device at any stage. At the moment I just make a call to:

Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PowerState.RebootDevice(false, 100);

When my application restarts it checks:


and then writes to a log file to indicate why the application restarted. No I have tried calling RebootDevice with the soft boot param set to true and false, but when the device restarts it is always getting a LastResetCause of WatchdogReset.

Why when I set soft reset to false does the watchdog still see the restart as a watchdog restart, and is there a way to override the ResetCause enum?

Any help appreciated.

The soft reset uses watchdog to reset the system.

What does the hard reset use then? Both give a LastResetCause of WatchDog.

No-matter what you use, if you reset in software then you will get the same results back.

Only if you press the reset button then it will be different.

You can easily come around this issue by writing some flag in BatteryRAM that you manage around reset.

Grand, will do that.