Last Northern Hemisphere post

Gene’s taking me home :clap:

Edit - erm, Richard not Gene ::slight_smile:


Safe trip!

Thanks for your contributions this year, looking forward to next year. :smiley:

Gene Simmons?

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Richard? as in Branson I’m guessing.

Safe trip!

@ Justin - They have the Internet there thou, right? Don’t be a stranger and keep the molecules coming…

c’mon down !

c’mon down !

Don’t forget, it’s cold down here.

(well, cold for a transplanted Californian)

I see snow from my man-cave window.

he has his wife in NZ to keep him warm :whistle: .

We are going to miss him here in the north half of the planet. I’m looking forward to getting my molecule bits though :slight_smile:
I made him post them before he got on the plane today :smiley:
Safe travels J…

I second that… :frowning:

@ Justin good plan. I think we should all look at jumping ship after this election.