Last day of 2020

Slumming it on the last day of a strange year at the beach. Goodbye 2020, can’t say it’s been a vintage year.


Or is also warm here… We are just above freezing… :sunglasses:

Happy new year everyone

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Can 2020 get any weirder? :rofl:


lets hope, as you and I get very close to 2021, that it doesn’t get weirder than that :slight_smile:

Oh, I found my cerbot kit the other day, must get it out and see if i can make it dance :joy:

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This is the most amazing bit of video! Just think about writing a program to get that 50lb+ whatever pound of hardware to jump into the air, landing on those little feet, all choreographed to the music… It’s not statics friends, it’s definitely dynamics at play… Incredible… Happy new year everyone!

Correction - that thing weighs 80kg… and it does somersaults… wonder what language they use for programming - assembler?

I’m pretty sure it’s not Cobol, but I have no idea :smiley:

They are obviously using some sitcores and C# :smiley:


This says ROS, Python and C++

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…which means that we’re all safe from the robot overlords until their higher functions are implemented (likely in TinyCLR OS).

Right now, they can just dance to the beat of tiny little PID control loops and ROS orchestrations without really knowing why they are dancing.


I have been dreaming about this @Justin and couldn’t wait any longer


Heat wave at Lake superior I see :rofl:

Does that lake get above freezing? :rofl: