Laser Light Show

Just bought one of these (As they are only around £18 and I hadn’t bought a gadget in a while)®-Projector-Spotlight-Equipment/dp/B0063M0URW

I was wondering how easy would it be to make a Gadgeteer version which you can adjust the programming to make it do different things :wink:

Looks towards Justin, the resident lighting expert :wink:

That’s neat. Especially at that price. I wonder if it’s actually doing more than jjust rotating some lenses/prisms, though. Do you think it’s actually drawing shapes using code? If it’s just rotating lenses then it would be rather pointless as a Gadgeteer module.

I expect it is prism etc, but attach mirrors etc to some fast controllable motors :wink:

I’m reluctant to take it apart just yet, but The urge is growing ;-).

Some of the more advanced theatre lights (robospots, etc) use computer-controlled mirrors, along with changeable templates (gobos) and colored filters to create awesome lighting effects. Any or all of those could be put under the control of a Gadgeteer board. Just because it’s “only” lenses, etc doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and worthwhile. :slight_smile:

Certainly. But, creating new lenses is probably beyond most of us. So, I’m not sure it would make a good module. Adding a Cerb to that box and taking over the controls so you can add your own spin to it definitely sounds like fun, though.

ohhhh some of the new “LSD” lights

It looks like you get what you pay for. The Green Laser seems to have died over the weekend. (It got dimmer over time and then eventually stopped working altogether.