Largest Fez & .NET Controlled System?

I’m working on a temporary/test controller for a 3,400 metric ton carousel with a 100,000lb squeeze pressure tensioner. The carousel is 25 meters in diameter and holds offshore umbilicals, and the tensioner feeds it onto the carousel.

I’m using the Panda-II to create a test box before the PLC system is finished, they’ll hook it up to control the hydraulic pump electronically. It takes a 0-5V input, so I’m using the PWM with a 2N2222A with a low-pass filter to create a variable 0-5V output. This is all being mounted into a Pelican case with 2 potentiometers for speed input, 2 3-position switches for Fwd/Reverse selection, and a set of LED lights for battery status and power status.

I’ll get a video of it running when it’s all done, but I think this is the largest thing ever controlled by a .NET device up to this point.

sounds huge! Yes some pictures/video please

This is it, assembled. I’m heading there in a week or so to hook in the main control system…

:o :o :o

holy mother of fez!


Thats one serious device. Run by a Panda, awesome. I am sure there are other tinkerers like me that would love to hear more of your general approaches to building and testing applications that must be robust like this.