Large graphical display for FEZes

We have added a new large 3.6" display that can easily connect to FEZ Mini or FEZ Domino. The update rate is very decent and we include example code for drawing shapes and text in 2 font sizes.

You can still add this display to FEZ Cobra but since Cobra supports native graphics on color TFT display then you should have a good reason on using the one color SPI display instead of the color TFT display.

You are no longer limited to simple 2x16 charactersā€¦go ahead and be artistic :smiley:

the brochure is marked as display driver on the link

Yes I just noticed :slight_smile: we will take care of it

hmm what else to order. 1 of those and 2 xbee adapters.

I think you will be really impressed with the size and quality of the display

Iā€™ve seen two displays come on lately. The Olimex (Nokia 128x128 with colour) and now the mono 128x64 3.6" one, which looks nice and not a bad price point at $30. Good one GHI !!

The 3.6" one-color display is a much better option than nokia color display

Yes, because the nokia dispaly uses 9 bit data ???

[title]That display looks nice![/title] And it is not a shield!!

[quote]Wow, we have some new formatting toys![/quote] :smiley:

Very interesting.

Is there a datasheet for the display and controller ?


Impressed. Holding it in my hands now. Will get it showing something soon.

It should be copy/paste of our codeā€¦run couple wiresā€¦and you are good to go

Freakinā€™ Easy! :dance: