Laptop to FezRaptor board via USB

I have used all the available UART ports on my FezRaptor and I still need a way to communicate (send data) between my laptop to my FezRaptor. What options do i have?

Can i use the USB Host Module as a way to send data between laptop and FezRaptor?

or Can i use the USB Client DP Module as a way to send data between laptop and FezRaptor? assuming the debugger is not running?

if the above won’t work, what other options do i have?


Hi andre.m, my colleague found a blog post explaining how to use USB client as a way to transfer data between laptop and netmf borad.

Will this work?

Attached is my current setup. Can we use the USB DP module as a way to send/transfer data?

Note: As you can see, we are using 5 serial ports in our setup now.

Hello, if you want a more let’s say, elegant but also faster and scalable way of communicating one or more laptops and MCUs with your FEZ Raptor, I deeply suggest you to switch to Ethernet through the ENC28 Module. It requires a little configuration and programming but it works great.

Over ethernet, you’ve got a whole TCP/IP stack available for many of the common and advanced things you can do nowdays in the internet.

You can configure dynamic IPs by using DHCP or if you are in your own subnet and no DHCP server is available, you can just define static IPs on your devices and laptops.

I now have my FEZ Raptor working on raw sockets with my computers and several MCUs interchanging data at 10 Mbs.

UART is easier and maybe less expensive but if you want to grow on serial ports maybe you should switch to RS485 by using the RS485 Module.

@ HABOT, thanks! Just added ENC28 to my shopping cart. :smiley:

I can’t switch to RS485 because the devices that I’m connecting my Raptor to required RS232. Thanks for the suggestion though. Now, i’m looking for SPI to RS232 module or maybe custom made one for myself.

Here’s the link of SPI to RS232 IC that my colleague found.


Thank you jeeshenlee!! I feel really excited about all the modules and stuff that we can access nowdays!! This is pretty amazing on the huge amount of protocols and devices that allow us to create a massive grid of connectivity!!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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