Laptop crush

Had a nice 8-way ASUS laptop. Backed over it with my Sierra truck yesterday. Nice :o Only cracked the screen and it still booted and was able to back up all my Fez projects :slight_smile: Pretty tuff laptop concidering a truck drove over it. Actually had bought that BestBuy AHD insurance for 1 year. So they are repairing. Must remember never to remove laptop from truck and set it down thinking I will surely not forget to grab it.

On a seperate front, as I can’t go a day without hitting F5 to send bytes to a Fez, I bought a ASUS 8-way desktop as a fill in. Probably use as an entertainment server after getting laptop back.

OMG, are the FEZ projects okay? :clap:

…just kidding, sorry to hear about what happening. It is still somewhat funny

Ouch! At least you could recover the HD.

Haha heading over to the shop today to buy a asus laptop too.
Mine finally somewhat died, so that’s a good excuse to buy a new one 8)

Glad you could save your data!

Rita gave you the best tip of the day - over in the spam thread :slight_smile: