LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation

What do you think about LXI implementation?
Here is what I found:

Interesting but not requested by anyone so far

already requested :slight_smile:

I mean anyone else. If a feature is not needed by multiple commercial users then it can be added through paid consultation work. Or by committing to an order of thousands of modules.

So, if this is very important to your company then please contact us direct.

Or the concerted effort of a random internet stranger who also has LXI equipment (like that Rigol Scope) to port the code to C# and make it multiplatform. :wink:

If I understood jooos correctly, then he made a mistake with the question.
What he gave implements the communication of the host with the device. But he wants to implement a device-level response to the host.

I started implementing an LXI device on NetMF 4.3. I have implemented SCPI (SCPI-1999.0) (rewriting the from C “SCPI parser library v2” by Jan Breuer), XDR (RFC 4506) and ONC/RPC (RFC 5531) in part sufficient for LXI. But only at the top level, because debugging was a top priority, and that’s a pretty slow speed. I’ll tell you that this is a particularly perverse way … :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

However, today it is not possible to implement APIPA (AutoIP), mDNS and DNS-SD - included in Zeroconf, which is a requirement of the LXI standard (“LXI Device Specification 2011” Rev.1.4, clauses 8.1, 10.3, 10.4). Thus it is not possible to complete it and it is only partially compatible.

I would like to transfer and continue this work to TinyCLR2 and see what the performance gain will be.

PS: I’ll make a reservation right away that I mean the built-in stack of TCP/IP protocols. Tried with mIP - processing time becomes unacceptable.

Yes, I meant full or partial implementation standart of LXI device on TinyCLR

Looking forward to it and let us know what you need from us to make this happen.