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L1 serial camera on Fez Hydra


Just a simple question (I don’t expect anyone writing any code for me, just a simple answer!). With the L1 serial camera module is there any simple command to just take a picture, like there is on the premium camera? It seems odd to me there isn’t a simple .TakePicture (or whatever the exact command is) on this camera module.

Thanks Linkin


The driver was changed in latest SDK so it is very close to the USB camera now.


Thanks, what date was the latest SDK released please Gus?


@ Linkin1977 -


Thanks Mike

I am sure that’s the one I have and it seems pretty long winded to just take a picture but I will double check. Thanks again


I have everything up to date but still see limited options got the SerCam. I will keep digging. No doubt something I am doing wrong!


OK, I understand the confusion.

The interface for the serial camera is different than that of the USB camera. It does not have the TakePicture() functionality, which is available in the Premium library for the USB camera. It only has streaming capabilities; StartStreaming/PauseStreaming().

Of course, the source for the serial camera is available, and it should not be too difficult to implement a TakePicture() method.

@ GHI - If you select the serial camera in the Gadgeteer designer, and then hit F1/Help, the documentation that comes up is outdated. It shows the TakePicture() method which is no longer implemented.


Ah that’s it Mike, thank you very much. I have been going off the help and wondering if I was missing something! I will look up a “streaming” method instead and do some digging on that! Thanks Linkin


@ Mike - hi Mike

Just driving in to work I find it a little odd that GHI have a camera module that doesn’t have a simple “take picture” action. I know their argument will be “flexibility”, “you’re the programmer” or some other reason but surely you buy a camera to do one of two things, stream some ‘video’ or take a still image. Seems like work for works sake!


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