Known Issues on FEZ Spider Kit

Here are some known issues on the new FEZ Spider Kits. This topic will be locked and sticky, check it often for the next couple weeks until the next SDK is released with fixes for everything. Click watch button to get notification when we update this.
GHI will be fixing it all ASAP

LCD Module
We have seen this rarely where users get null exception error when trying to use graphics. The reason is that the gadgeteer core automatically disables the LCD interface so users can use the RGB sockets as regular IOs. This becomes a problem when you add the display later as the interface is disabled and you will receive a null exception. You can tell if the display interface is enabled by seeing some messages on the screen on the device first boots up. Do not worry about it much the first time, just add the display module to the designer run an application. You will see some messages in VS2010 output window about updating the LCD config and it will ask you to reset the device. So, reset the device and all will be fine. Do not forget the touch screen cable, socket type T. And plug it in the correct socket, number 10.
We will see how we can make this better next release.

Button Module
Fix is below in next reply.

Multicolor LED Module
These function as excepted but, on some modules, the colors are swapped. This means you try to turn the blue LED on but the Red one comes on instead. The error is not in the Gadgeteer/NETMF code but in the code internally inside the little processor on the module, the firmware. GHI is still developing the needed software you need to update the firmware but this can take few weeks to complete. If this is an issue, please contact GHI and we will happily take your modules and re-flash them with the updated software. The next SDK may include a wrapper to patch this until the official fix is out.

WiFi Module
The Gadgeteer drivers assumes the WiFi module internal WiFi-firmware is loaded already but this is almost never the case on these WiFi module. To use WiFi, utilize the code provided in the documentation under GHIElectronics.NETMF.Net.WiFi
See comments in code on how to initialize wifi on FEZ Spider.



Here is the fix for the Button Module,

Please download and run, this will overwrite your existing GTM.GHIElectronics.Button.dll and its related files!

Should the app fail for some reason, just do a manual overwrite of all files from the “Data” folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\GHI Electronics\GHI .NET Gadgeteer SDK\Modules\Button\NETMF 4.1\

Optional: To double check, look at the DLL’s properties and it should show version instead of

Important: This fix will be deleted once new SDK is out with this fix built in. You do not need to, and shouldn’t, use this zip file in future.

…have fun!

Added another section above about LCD Module issue.