Known issues for FEZ Cobra

We have tested the cobra very throughly and all seem perfect. There is one minor issue and due to our high standards we would like to let everyone know about it.

The USB client connector is not far enough out which causes the USB cable not to go in all the way. It works fine 90% of the time but since the cable is not in ll the way, it is easy fro the cable to come right off. To solve this, we are going to update the enclosures to make the USB client opening large enough for the USB cable bezel to go through the enclosure.

The current enclosures we are shipping are not modified still so you may need to manually make the opening for USB client a little larger or you need to shave the USB cable to make it thinner.

Again, this is very minor and some users may find it okay without any modification. Also, if you are not using our custom plastic enclosure then there is no issues whatsoever.