Kit arrived. Is there a hardware FAQ?

While I’m downloading C# 2010 express and the libs, I thought I’d look at all these little modules.

I found the main board,along with a little card with a map of the sockets, and what the DIP settings are.

But what does the map mean? DI, Z, HI, IKUX, etc. What are these?
Can I connect any module to any socket?

I looked at this page: GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software but it doesn’t say much about dealing with the hardware. Is there a page somewhere explaining this?

I’ve been doing C# for a long time, so a lot of that stuff the tutorials are aimed at don’t worry me too much.

Welcome to the forum!

Main gadgeteer site has two documents that explain each socket type.

We have a new document coming this week, stay tuned!

Something to think about while you wait… Be sure and pay attention to what the sample code DOESN’T show you. One of the hardest things about coming from a desktop development world to the NETMF world is you have to unlearn a lot of the things you do naturally. If you look at the sample code and find yourself thinking you probably would have used a List<> for this or that… Well, a lot of the goodies of C# don’t exist in NETMF. But, it’s still a lot of fun! Welcome to the community!

Thanks all!

I found the doc I wanted after I installed the GHI stuff, under All Programs/GHI Electronics/GHI .NET Gadgeteer SDK/Fez Spider Kit/Getting Started