King of Awesome

This post is for testing.

Is that you, or are you going to post about Gus? :wink:

The suggestion box is my domain! ;D

Nice little formatting bar :wink: And better smilies. No URL tag in the bar, though.

Hey Josh,

Could you make it so that the cursor snaps to the inside of the tags when you hit a formatting option?

Also, I do believe I’M the king of awesome. ::slight_smile:

Anyone using FEZ is AWESOME :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve addressed the issue of place the cursor at the correct position. However, the input box doesn’t like to scroll to where the cursor is.

Anyone creating FEZ too :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, Josh. And nice avatar, too

Hahahah [italic]nice[/italic] [quote]smiley![/quote]



None of the formatting tools seem to work… :slight_smile: but smilys do!

Are you [italic]sure?[/italic]


// Some code here

It does not work in IE8 but does work in FF. In IE8 I get a JavaScript error when I try to use a formatting tool…

edit: hmm that did not went well, will do some testing tomorrow… :slight_smile:

Ah I see Jeff, I’ll get to it tomorrow.