Kinect, What if?

Anyone think it would be possible to interface a Spider or Hydra to an XBOX Kinect?
What are your thoughts? would it be possible, and if so what would you do with it? :slight_smile:

Kinect is on my list of things to do for Gadgeteer. The issue at the moment is Hydra doesn’t support high-speed USB so it might be Spider only; and that would bump it down on my priority list.

Yes possible but the callange is what to do with all the incoming data on these small processors. Keeping up is the problem.

Interesting, ive seen some talk about using the proto module for co processor implementation could that be used in this situation?

Someone here is working on porting the Kinect to FEZ… I don’t remember who it is though. Search around the other threads.

So, I’m planning on something in this very area, but not directly connecting the Kinect to the Spider/Hydra/etc.

I will let you all know when I’m a little further along… :slight_smile:

^^Best of luck, would be really cool. Many possibilities! :smiley:

Is the Kinect SDK compatible at all with NETMF? (in another words is the NETMF complete enough to allow the SDK to be used on this wonderful platform?)

I understand that the image data may be too much for it, but what about the IR info? or the skeletal tracking in the SDK?

Wasn’t there a way to define movements or poses and let kinect trigger events on the host when they were detected? This would put all the detection part on the kinect and the host just handles the events.