Kinect, again

Elsewhere, Gus says:

Reading , I see:

I propose that GHI sign up for this and design a module based on one of their fast boards that grabs the streams coming off a Kinect, chews on them, and sends out (to a netmf device or arduino or whatever) much smaller steams of skeleton info and such. Basically, something that takes a mountain of data, most of which is not interesting, and condense it down to something managable and usable by small devices.

Is this a crazy idea? Maybe. Is it a stupid one? Could be. I like it anyway.

edit: yes, I know the idea doesn’t exactly meet the contest/program description. It’s worth them talking about, though.

No windows nor xbox spoken here.

The point was really that they’re looking for (and willing to put some money towards) people with interesting ideas. Even though GHI is .NETMF, not Windows, and that’s outside the stated scope of the intitiative, I still think they’d be pretty intersted in a box that makes Kinect available to a wider audience.

It was just a thought… Maybe somebody else will pick it up. I would if I had the time and more of a clue.

We will look into its details. Thanks for sharing.

Kinnect is defiantly something in our list.