Kindle Fire

The UPS man just delivered a new Kindle Fire for my wife (wink wink).

It took me a few minutes to do the setup, which consisted of associating with our Wifi network and initializing her email account.

I only had a few minutes to play with it, since I am working at home today, and from what I see it appears to be performing well. It is a lot faster than my recently retired Android Droid X.

I am looking forward to seeing her reaction to the Fire. “I can’t do that, it will chip my nails”.

That’s what happens when a geek marries a super model. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no, not the nails :slight_smile:

That and your profile picture becomes a bunny. :smiley:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

So, after she complains about the broken nails is that when you have your excuse to start porting it to NETMF?

Or switch your phone with hers?

We just finished a tutorial session. She actually likes it!

An hour from now, when she has forgotten what I told her, the cursing will start. :smiley:

Do you find new kindle a little bit too heavy for its size?
That was my first impression.


Yes, I did think it was a bit heavy.

It might be a function of getting a similar amount of circuity and batteries as the IPad into a smaller form factor. It might not be heavy, just dense.

Hey! I resemble that remark :slight_smile:

I got my Kindle Touch today, and while I like the fact that it’s a bit smaller than the previous Kindle (3rd gen), I think it’s going to take some getting used to the lack of physical buttons (except for the home button).

Unfortunately, the particular combination of the e-ink display and touch screen makes it next to impossible for the Kindle Touch to provide adequate feedback for user interaction. For example, if you tap a button on-screen, there’s no visual or tactile/haptic indication that the button was tapped. Given that we’re all pretty used to the idea that a button changes its appearance when tapped or clicked, this is counter-intuitive, and so in the moment that you’re waiting for the e-ink display to update, it can seem like the device didn’t successfully register the tap.

It runs Android 2.3 and not Honeycomb, so no ADK? Bummer. And Amazon has their own app store ??? Seems risky, but they may have enough clout to pull it off.

So recognizable! :smiley:

Here you go

So after whining here about lack of ADK support, I end with a Fire for my BDay :slight_smile: Once the newness wears off, I’ll get brave, root it, and see if I can get it talking to some uC…

I am getting one for my daughter as a Christmas present.

Btw, here is an interesting read about a disruptive innovation and Kfire as an example.