Kickstarter: super thin watch

This is pretty cool! CST-01: The World's Thinnest Watch by Central Standard Timing — Kickstarter

Thanks Steve… Another toy that I don’t need and must have. :slight_smile:

Looks very attractive. Still waiting for my pebble though.

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Yeah me too…

@ Brett - Hopefully we will be among the first to get it when they will start shipping on January 23rd.

I am betting I won’t be - for one I’m in AU, and I’m in our hackerspace’s group buy, so even if they land in AU “soon” then there’s secondary distribution that will delay me getting mine - although it’ll be worth making special trip to the space for this!

me too too

Not a watch or any other kind of jewelry wearing person (Wife gets a little ticked that I don’t wear my wedding ring even, come from playing hockey I thing). To me a watch is somewhat redundant given I have a smart phone with me (it beeps when I have to go somewhere) and I’m a bit of a farmer in that I don’t really believe in clocks (really ticks off Wife I’m afraid), I work until the work is done and time is just an arbitrary measurement that someone made up for something that really has no meaning given its pretty much infinite (or as least as far as humans are concerned). Time is really only relative in that it only has meaning when compared to some other period of time, example like this routine is faster then that routine, but 6pm is really no different then 6am, both are good times to build gadgets. Is this where I say bazinga?

@ Duke Nukem <— Time Lord

interesting point :slight_smile:
BTW these are the cufflinks im wearing today.