Keil uVision + FEZ Raptor

Hello everyone,
I am trying to debug my RLP code with Keil uVision 5 IDE. I have stuck with creation of new project. I know that FEZ Raptor has ARM 9 Atmel SAM9X35 processor. With creation of a new project I have to select target device but I am missing ARM 9 processor in devices list. It is needed to import pack file? Where to download that file? I can’t find it. Thank you!

Hello Adam,

you can find the SAM9X35 at the “Legacy Device List” : but not inside the “pack installer”

So, I believe you had to add the “MDK Version 5 - Legacy Support” for ARM9 : MDK v4 Legacy Support

Thank you Lutz1, it works! :slight_smile:
I’m still a begginer so now I have another problem. After starting a debugging session I have got an error message:

*** error 65: access violation at 0x00000000 : no ‘execute/read’ permission

It is problem with memory mapping? How to configure my project to be able to debug my RLP code? Is there any example or step by step tutorial?

Hello Adam,

sorry, but I never used RLP and with ARM & Keil I am also a beginner. (With 8051 on Keil I would call myself an expert 8) )

There is a Blinky-Project for a SAM9X35 ( C:\Keil\ARM\Boards\Atmel\AT91SAM9X5-EK\ATSAM9X35\Blinky ) but the debugging works not very well with the Simulator.
I think, the 8051-Simulator was 100times better then the ARM :’(
Take a look on the “Debug/Memory Map”-Window, maybe it could help you :think: