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Keeping Brett happy on a Friday


Without the need of KS I present to you Meadow Mini 2.0 :rofl:


It is a feather board, and it does work with Feather wings, but I’m thinking that’s not exactly the branding we settled on. I’ll check my notes :slight_smile:


before I’ve even had my coffee, I’ve had some eye candy ! What a Friday !!


It’s not even Friday for me, and I’m getting eye candy. Hurray!


Found me some RGB’s in a box :slight_smile:


I see you have one of those awesome 3DConnexion devices on your desk. They make working with 3D CAD and Altium Designer so much easier. :slight_smile:


Yeah, makes life alot easier for me (Alitum, Inventor)


@Justin, are you driving those RGB addressables via the SPI port or Signal Generator?


Mosi pin…