JVM on FEZ Hydra with Linux

I just discovered the .net gadgeteer project and WOW, it’s totally amazing!

I also saw that running Linux on the FEZ Hydra is possible, too.

But coming from a Java background, I was wondering, whether it would be possible to actually have a Java Virtual Machine (like the JamVM) running on Linux on the FEZ Hydra.

This might be a bit off topic/forum/site (knowing that CLR actually refers to .net :slight_smile: but I guess, many people would be interested in the possibility of being able to run Java applications on the FEZ Hydra.

Yes possible but why? :slight_smile: C# is very similar to JAVA so it is pointless to spend month of work to offer JAVA option. But if you mean JAVA on linux then this is already working on hydra.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks for your answer.

I am really thinking about implementing a JVM bootstrap process using the JamVM for the FEZ Hydra.
Is there in-depth information about how all the native Input/Output-Pins can be operated with from native C/ARM-code and especially, how one would implement threading with the pthreads library for the FEZ Hydra.

I would be really interested in such an endeavour to learn the underpinnings of the whole hardware-programming-stuff. I understand that netmf wants to abstract and hide the nasty things away from the programmer but I would be really interested in learning how everything works together by trying to port the JamVM for the FEZ Hydra.

Could you point me to documentation for natively programming for the FEZ, please, so that I understand what would be necessary to port the JVM on it?

Thank you!

Linux on hydra has a page on wiki. Search for it.

Yes, I knew that doing Linux on FEZ Hydra is possible.
But what I am interested in right now is to bypass the whole linux system thingy and have a JVM booted right from the core, just like the netmf is, I suppose.

If you learn how to boot Linux then you can boot anything else in theory.

Okay, I will give Linux a try, then, thanks!

IMHO, developing with NETMF is much, much, much, much, much nicer and simpler than doing anything in Java. Try using NETMF a little and then see what you think.

Just a note. If im’ not mistaken the the bare metal Java VM needs 32MB ram for a screen-less device…

It’s NOT recourse friendly… :slight_smile: