Justins Octopus

Justins Octopus creation in all its glory… there is one free socket unfortunatly


Niiiiice :). Is that justins mount plate underneath too. I must get round to ordering one.

Hi HughB … yep, tho I had to buy the nuts screws pillars etc from rs

I hadn’t really thought about the Octopus for more than my quadcopter but that circular configuration really gives some nice module layout options. Nice!

I have been looking for nice cool plastic screws and pillars for Justins board, can I have some product-numbers, please?

Btw, the Gadgeteer standoffs from GHI does not really make sense to me.

I bought a handful of different length standoffs and bolts on ebay, about $10 per pack of 100 IIRC.

I use various variations of sizes of these…

Bolts: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005A0JMMC/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title
Spacers: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00137PCKW/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M3T1_ST1_dp_2
Nuts: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FK9HH2/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M2T1_ST1_dp_1

Here’s my assortment of gadgeteer bits! Two main devices, a base station with GPRS, Ethernet, GPS and RF Pipe. Also an Octopus with an RF Pipe, accelerometer and OLED display. All mounted on Justin’s plates!

Half the fun is screwing it all together hahaha :slight_smile:

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jourdant, I must agree as a software guy, there is something relaxing about positioning and assembling the boards, takes me back to my lego days… aaahhhh

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Just wait till someone makes a gadgeteer to Lego mindstorms module, then you can re live those days with added gadgeteer goodness :wink:

Wow IanLee …

Alloy Steel Socket Cap Screw, Black Oxide Finish

Very expensive.

$0.15/each may be expensive if you’re mass producing something but not at my scale. I’ve got enough bolts, spacers, & nuts to last years that I can easily finger tighten for half the cost of a DP module (talking about expensive…). And they look great. When you’re taking lots of photos/videos, that’s important :wink:

Those are a lot higher quality as well…:slight_smile:


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@ Justin - looks like a lot of fun

@ VB-Daniel - very much so :slight_smile:

Justin that’s a big plate. Is that a new addition to your offerings?

Indeed it is :wink:

So??? I guess we’ll get the details tomorrow?

@ ianlee74 - depends on how busy i am :whistle: