@Justin your package arrived today

Your package was delivered today accompanied by one of my Nation’s security personal and interestingly enough accompanied by two agents from another country who claimed they were in town ‘just visiting’ and came along for the ‘ride’. They then requested to be present when I opened the package as they couldn’t understand why it would be wrapped in so much tape. Of course once I opened the package and showed them the really cool RFID scanner modules, tags and other goodie (thanks, there could be dancing later on tonight), the ‘visiting’ two agents then asked me if I knew a Paula Broadwell, or anyone else on a list of names they had. Apparently they were really interested in these names as they asked my secretary and the office slacker cat as well, they then took the cat into custody for more questioning as apparently he nodded.

The modules look great and the key chain tags are way better then I thought they would have been, definitely a module score today, but I hope I get the cat back soon.



You are kidding right? :slight_smile:

You should get rid of that nuclear sign!

You know Paula? She really gets around :slight_smile:

Please tell us you are joking.

Of course he is. The most blatant giveaway is “asked me if I knew a Paula Broadwell” - she’s made recent national (US) news as being involved in the Patraeus scandal.