Just thought of something

I got up this morning and I thought of something…

I’m so old that I remember that our Doctor came to the house when I got sick?

@ willgeorge - Now it’s more like “you better not get sick”.

@ willgeorge - He came, that’s nice, but he couldn’d do so much…

Was he driving a flying blue box? :smiley:

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@ willgeorge - Was the doctor the town barber?

@ Mike -

And blood letting with leaches. Come to think of it, it is still used in special cases.

@ willgeorge - [quote]And blood letting with leaches[/quote]

My mom was the school nurse at my grade school in Germany back in the 60’s when we were stationed over there. Her office was filled with paintings of blood lettings and all kinds of scary surgical tools and such.

NOT very reassuring that the trip to the nurses office was going to help your case in any way.

@ Terrence -
Germany back in the 60’s …

I was in Kaiserslautern then! US military… Great place with nice people!

@ willgeorge - Manheim.