Just spotted a rhino!

Came across this one while walking from school to my car.
I thought I’d share this with you :smiley:

Is that a yellow panda in front of it? :smiley: ;D

Yeah but did you spot the new Rhino OEM kit?

New OEM kit looks very nice! :clap:

Nah it’s a rotten panda, lol :smiley:

New kit looks nice. But why the white enclosure? Why not black? :-[

Why not?! ;D.
On the other hand an option to choose the color during checkout would be nice, I guess.

When you are ready to order few hundreds, give GHI a call and tell them what color you like :smiley:

But… why not black? The white stuff with the panda was cool, but I prefer black enclosures… :-[

Man, new Rhino OEM kit looks awesome, I’d love one for RWAR. Turns out my electronics enclosure is too small for the Domino, so maybe I could just plunk the Rhino OEM kit case down next to it and just use the enclosure for wiring…


I think “FEZ Cobra Enclosure” has been available for some time now and it looks like it is the same size as Rhino enclosure.

rhino is less than half the size of cobra

Oh, I see. It is hard to say from the picture.Good to know

@ Arch,

Yeah, I know, I have a Cobra. Cobra has other duties, though. I want something a bit smaller for RWAR.


What are the dimensions of the display cutout in the Rhino enclosure?

Do not know exactly, I am home but it is about 2x1.5 inch

Just curious if this will fit in:

It probably could but it will look ugly. The one we have is perfect size and perfect placement for the enclosure we are using

Buy the ghi display, it rocks, believe me. Love the UEXT feature. 8)