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Just sayin'


You know what’s funny? Buy a $300 bit of software with glitches and you live with it. Download a free piece of software and you rant about every tiny thing that’s not just right,

I still get emails about copy and paste on Pyxis 2 or that Pyxis One’s compiler was originally $10.


Big smile with no comments.


I hear you :slight_smile:

People pay mega bucks for some software and live with all the bugs (read known issues) and even pay for support per incident to circumvent those defects.

… but when a smaller developer tries to implement something good - you get wails and complaints and criticism … it does not do that … it does not do this … it did not make my breakfast … it did not kiss my …



Wha??? you’re not fixing the Copy & Paste thing?!?!??!?!



Just remember that behind every complainer there are 100 other silent users that are perfectly happy. “Opportunities for success” is what I call them.


Last year I received bug reports for a parallel port Eprom / EEprom flash MSDOS programmer I made in 1994 ! and I discovered the thing ( ) was still used at some university in Eastern europe (Poland, Georgia, hungaria…) on win98 computers :stuck_out_tongue: That bug report really pleased me for a quick dev I made for my own use then when at university since I could not afford a regular programmer.

After about 20 years developping opensource, and maybe 100+ projects, it is somethimes very hard to get back into very old code 8) Because I tend not to follow up everything, just dev for my own local quick use, and then drop it in OS if someone else need it :-[



I have learnt that if nobody is complaining it probably means nobody is using it.

To a point complaints are a sign of success.