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Just recieved my Fez Cobra and have a few questions


First, It’s like christmas, Fedex rang the bell and I was running to the door, “WOOHOO It’s here, It’s here!!!” :smiley: But I’m a noob at the FEZ devices and .net Micro Framework (Not a noob at c#, .net, or hardware though)

I was able to build and deploy the sample led blinkin app. Modified it to use the select button to control it, etc… So that part’s all good.

Now on to my questions.

  1. I’m not getting any debug output from the Cobra, if I load a program in that has debug.pring(“test”); in main, should I see that in the immediate window?

I checked in MFDeploy and I’m running ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion: 4.1.2821.0 I believe this is the current version.

  1. I have used IO11 and IO12 as Digital IO I read on the brocure on the paragraph about ‘Pins Features’ “Do not use di5 as a digital IO until you release the PWM Feature in code” Do I have to do something spific in my next project to use i2c on these pins? or is there some bit of code I need to run to disable Digital IO on these pins?

  2. Is it normal for the Wii Nunchuck IF to get hot? Mine does so I unplugged it, until I ask about it, I didn’t want to wait too long and let the magic smoke out.

  3. there’s not alot of documentation on plugging in the accelermeter to the cobra, but there does appear to be a header that matches exactly with the cable, can I use that header?

That’s about all for now, looking forward to doing more with this.


  1. See View > Output to open the Output window -> that’s where you will see your debug messages


Welcome to the FEZ world and this community…

  1. look in output window
    the version number is in “solution version”

  2. pins are resources, you allocate them and free them…you can use a pin as a digital IO or it may have other features, like PWM or analog. You do not need to do anything special. Just construct a PWM object for a an unused pin that has PWM and that is all you need. Examples are in free ebook so take a quick look please.

  3. no that is not normal! What got hot? the controller or the component? There is regulator on the component board which will be a bit warm as it is regulating but it is not “hot”

  4. You mean UEXT? Yes this is a standard connector we use on most devices. it has SPI and UART on it.

…let the fun begins :slight_smile:


The Wii Interface componant get’s hot to the touch. Also running the sample code from the “Brocure” only gives me 0’s in the output window, it’s not actually reading the Nunchuck. AFAIK, the nunchuck is good, as it has only ever been used with a wii controller.

I’m assuming that SDA -> IO12/I2C_Dat and SCL -> IO11/I2C_Clk


Please contact GHI directlyfor RMA


How do I contact GHI, the Contact #'s on the web look like they are for sales only, as is the e-mail address.

I also have an additional issue, in that I ordered an DC Motor Driver and recieved a DC Motor Shield.


you should use the GHIElec @ GHIelectronics email address from the GHI website.


Your questions are for sales related questions so feel free to call or email. GHI is off till Monday by the way