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Just picked up a FEZ Domino - I can give your product PR


I am presenting at a major conference in 10 days.
If you can help me get up and running i will plug your product.

contact me PLZ-ASAP
I need it to emulate typing as a keyboard



See the free eBook (downloads section):
28.4. Keyboard - page 140.


Do you mean… Emulate a keyboard as if to pretend someone is typing somewhere and you can see the output? Or should the domino just be able to read a keyboard and pass on the data?

Cheers Ian


We answer all questions asap


I was asking if it could be a fake keyboard
As is someone is typing

BTW yes it now in just a few lines can be a fake keyboard in the eBook on page 140ish

I am glad you answer all Q fast

No one went to the old question and updated them with a new answer
No big I don’t do that most of the time


The answer was no because this feature was not implemented long time ago but now it is available and it is very easy to use, like you saw in the book.

I am happy you have it working