Just Monkeying Around

I came home today to find some monkeying around going on in the lab… What is your monkey up to?

Is that a peizo? The monkey will win the contest and go buy and FEZ Banana!

Of course it’s a piezo. That monkey has a job to do!

Oooh… FEZ Banana? Something else new? :wink:

Oo, ooo, oo! Does the monkey have a servo that has the arm move to press the button which activates an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine that plays “Hail to the Chief” on the piezo at the end?

Maybe by the end of the contest :wink: Perhaps the next contest should be the best FEZ Monkey hack???

Thanks for the toy, Gus! My son confiscated it very quickly. ;D

Pictures!!! The purpose of this thread is to see pictures of monkeys in action. :smiley:

BAD MONKEY!!! He got quite upset when he spotted an Arduino on the table. He’s recovering over a banana smoothie now…

Too funny!

We should have a contest for “bad monkey”

whahahahahah !! AWESOME! :smiley:

Looks like that arduino IS his banana :o

I got the perfect monkey!
This little friend loves leds too :o ;D
Look at his happy face! ;D

Where on earth can I order one of these monkeys from???

They come from the North Pole. Santa delivers them. :wink:

For a limited time we will be shipping them for free with every order. Happy holidays :slight_smile:

I hope supplies last until those Gadgeteer modules come in. Waiting on them to place an order.

@ Martin8 - Welcome to the forum! Did you join just to find out how to get a monkey ? :slight_smile:

But let’s be honest, those monkeys are awesome!
I have been playing a few times with it, and it always makes me smile.
So simple, yet so adorable ;D

@ ransomhall - Yes, yes I did. =) I’ve been really intrigued by FEZ boards and the .Net MF for the past year or so, but I’ve never “pulled the trigger” and bought one to experiment with. I may just have to do that now to get a monkey though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the community, Martin. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of you monkeying around!