Just finished Radio interview on Electronics and .NET Gadgeteer

Hi I just finished a radio interview for my book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Electronics 101” where I was mainly talking about .NET Gadgeteer got to mention all the great help every one on the forum has been.
I also talked about GHI and some others as well.

I talked a bit about Andrew Duthie’s IR controller and Pete Brown’s MIDI controller and some of the cool video game projects I have seen here.

The show will be on at 6:00 PM Sunday Eastern time on http://www.1100kfnx.com/ you can click on the listen live link at the bottom of the page or it will be archived on http://imitechtalk.wordpress.com/ sometime after the broad cast.

/end self promote

This is very exciting. I will try to listen at 6PM but if not then will listen to the archive for sure.

@ swestcott

Very cool! I appreciate the shout-out. Will definitely take a listen…