Just curious

Was there any public activity from MS on the .netmf core ? The last one was in december 2012. I am not talking about Gadgeteer, as there was a recent release.

Just curious

The embedded group is now in charge of NETMF and so they need time to learn NETMF and fit in their schedule. We should see some activity soon.

Arent the Embedded group based in China??

There is rumor of a new Microsoft watch… Is it possible that NETMF will return to its roots? :wink:

I would indeed like to know more about Microsofts plans for embeeded, their organisation behind it, and their strategic moves.

Gus probably can’t tell us all he know, but any pointers are appreciated.

My guess is that if SPOT were coming back in the new (rumoured) watch, we’d be seeing a lot more activity around the NETMF core. It’d be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

I should get together with my hardware guy and do a new NETMF watch. Or maybe Justin can make one with Bluetooth and I could do the software. :wink:

@ Skewworks - You could call it the “Secret Agent” watch?

I agree and suspect that if they do a watch it will be built on a new proprietary core. :frowning:

Yes! And it’ll work as a secondary screen for GameO :smiley:

Crap…I actually have all the parts I need laying around to make a solderless breakboard prototype…like I didn’t have enough to do

And you could use Kickstarter to get the funding.