Just because

…i can :rofl:


Looks like feather is a thing now. You just need need to convince our guys to make one!

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i want one of such as it :sunglasses:
great things

and it wasn’t even Friday

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??? another thing (Linux ?? - seems similiar to MEADOW)


Pinout subject to change*

  • Microchip SAMA5D2 ARM® Cortex®-A5 Processor 500MHz
  • 128MB DDR2 RAM built-in to the SiP
  • 6X 12-Bit ADC with 3.3V Reference
  • 4X 16-Bit PWM
  • ADC external trigger
  • PWM external trigger
  • 1X I2C
  • 1X SPI
  • 1X UART
  • Full 3.7V LIPO support for portable projects
  • Micro SD for OS and storage
  • 4.14 linux kernel

Very cool. And that would simply run full linux/MONO with every driver under the sun! How awesome would it be if every chip in the future came with a GB or RAM!

Actually, @valon_hoti_gmail_com, as I understand it, the Meadow board is still running an interpreter. This SAMA5D2 linux groboard would be able to run compiled mono or dotnet binaries and with a base clock rate a bit more than 2x higher than the Meadow. Can’t tell what the price point will be, but I already know I’ll get one to test drive :slight_smile:

Feather is a great form factor just because of the number of wing-boards and the ease of stackable interfacing. Of course, the Sagitta Feather is supported in Sagitta Designer as are all the Adafruit wing boards. More boards and software coming!


Yes, please. Feel free to do so.:grin:
Ps : I discovered the lattepanda
and dream of such a board with the fez instead of the arduino