Jumper for Ethernet Shield's reset

Regarding the Optional hardware mod from the brochure:

Is there any reason I shouldn’t clip the reset pin on the Ethernet shield and solder a jumper to the Di9 pin?

That way I can use the component shield on top without any difficulty. (I realize I won’t be able to use the reset pin on the component shield because the signal won’t be carried up from the Ethernet shield. )

Any other better way to do this?


Reset is connected to FEZ too so if you change the pin you will reset FEZ too…basically, will not work.

If I clip the reset pin extending out the bottom of the Ethernet shield won’t I be eliminating this issue?

This is what you say in the brochure:

[quote][italic]First, If you are using one of the Ethernet shields made for Arduino including FEZ Ethernet Shield on tinyclr.com, you need to make a small optional hardware issue fix, for more reliable performance:

The reset signal on these shields are not connected to any of the digital IO which is wrong. To solve this you have to bend out the reset pin on the shield and connect it to one of the available IOs as you see in the picture. In out example the Ethernet shield’s reset signal is connected to Di9.

If you don’t do this hardware fix, you will have to manually reset the system (press reset button) every time you deploy a new application.[/italic][/quote]

The picture shows the pin bent out, but I’m thinking of clipping it off completely.


Yes you can clip it off completely.