JTAG debugging

I want to get into porting TinyCLR to a board I have and one of the things I’d like to have is a way to debug the code with breakpoints and single stepping etc.

How has anyone done this before? Can we do this from the Visual Studio editor? I have Visual GDB and wondering if somehow I could use this?

I have a Segger J-Link and a couple of other JTAG interfaces.

We don’t have a doc outlining it yet, but we often use Visual Studio to debug the native side of TinyCLR now that they support ARM debugging. Debugging an embedded ARM device in Visual Studio - C++ Team Blog has some details on that. ARM GCC Cross Compilation in Visual Studio - C++ Team Blog may be useful as well.


So if someone were to say, record themselves attempting to port tinyclr to another platform (successfully or not); such content would have value?

You should do it