JTAG Debugger Recommendations

I’m wanting to buy a JTAG debugger and try my hand at some native AVR development. Any recommendations on a particular device?

The Segger J-Link sounds promising…

Of course, Atmel sells the JTAGICE3…

The particular chip I’ll be working with is an ATxmega128A3U if it makes any difference. Any comments on these two or recommendations of others are greatly appreciated.



I have no experience with it, but the J-Link is kinda the go-to debugger for those without large financial backing, right?

I have also been wondering about which one to get for myself. If its specifically for Avr device then AvrDragon also looks like a good option.

I’ve just ordered the Adafruit J-Link one myself to do some ARM debugging.

Not sure about using this for AVR as I don’t see any of the AVR devices listed. It does state it can be used with Atmel Studio, but I think this is for Atmel ARM devices only.

For AVR I would recommend the JTAG ICE3 and it works well. I’ve used it for both full JTAG and debug-wire. AVR Dragon is cheaper but limited.

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I just want to clarify that it is a Segger’s Educational version of the J-Link not Adafruit’s. Good one.

See the following thread for SWD wiring:

The confusion was that Ian mentioned AVR and the DL40 on that link is a Cortex M0 and the J-LINK will work with that.

For the ATxMega the JTAGICE is great. I use that. I dont think J-Link supports the XMega.

Thanks for pointing that out. Last night I read the J-link marketing material to say that it worked with a variety of micros from a variety of different vendors. I didn’t catch that it was ARM only.

I’ve ordered the JTAGICE3. Thanks everyone. Feel free to continue the discussion if others still have other recommendations for the next person that comes along.

Xmega eh ? whats cooking ?

Guy needs some help with a hydroponics IoT project. Nothing real exciting but an opportunity to try something new.