JsonConverter simple converstion to key->value

Hi, is there a simple way to deserialize JSON to key:value strings? All examples are cincerned to deserialzie complete objects but in my case I want to read few values from JSON

    "Body": {
        "Data": {
            "Inverters": {
                "1": {
                    "DT": 1,
                    "E_Day": null,
****                "E_Total": 21438873.52888889,
                    "E_Year": null,
****                "P": 3668.900390625
            "Site": {
                "BackupMode": false,
                "BatteryStandby": true,
                "E_Day": null,
                "E_Total": 21438873.52888889,
                "E_Year": null,
                "Meter_Location": "unknown",
                "Mode": "produce-only",
                "P_Akku": null,
                "P_Grid": null,
                "P_Load": null,
                "P_PV": 3756.853271484375,
                "rel_Autonomy": null,
                "rel_SelfConsumption": null
            "Smartloads": {
                "Ohmpilots": {}
            "Version": "12"
    "Head": {
        "RequestArguments": {},
        "Status": {
            "Code": 0,
            "Reason": "",
            "UserMessage": ""
****    "Timestamp": "2024-03-28T15:15:34+00:00"

Only those marked with ****, but I have multiple different JSONs fetched from web and need to read only few data from each of them.

Use one of the following statics available on JsonConverter :

public static JToken Deserialize(string sourceString);
public static JToken Deserialize(Stream sourceStream);
public static JToken Deserialize(StreamReader sourceReader);

These will return a JObject or JArray depending on what your top-level structure is. In the case of your sample, it is a JObject. You can then walk the collection of JProperty elements to get the key and value items. The values will be of type JValue, so you will have to call methods on JValue to get the actual raw value.