Jsnode serial communication with spider via usb port

the linked artikel is about javascripting via node.js the arduino. bit is the arduino o gadgeteer thing or something completely different from fez and spider ?

Net magazine | Creative Bloq.

the config tool of microsoft communicates with the spider through the usb port.
vs2010 debugger communicates with the spider while debugging .

are there examples of how to control the spider from a program on the computer.

There are lots of way to communicate between a MF device and a PC. There is UART serial with RS232 converter, serial to USB module, Ethernet and CDC serial(USB Client) .

Look at the .NET MF and Gadgeteer turorial in the Support area for lots of information.

The support page has a tutorial for this very topic I think.


this page mentions the usb debugging with virtual com channel on the usb client dp module.

that is just what i need.
now you can debug the spider while an other instance of visual studio can debug a program which interacts with the spider on the com port. and that with one usb plug.

ghielctronics solved me problem with this solution.

As FYI, debugging + VCOM feature is no longer supported and will be dropped. I deleted that info from wiki. You can use it but no support is provided.

but i installed the drivers 3 days ago and works perfect. why drop that ?

will the possibility to use this scenario disappear in .micronet 4.2 ?

what is the alternative

i think of it as an ideal solution to develop vs projects that communicate with the spider via the serial port.

can i copy that wike page before you delete it. ?? my browser has a cache, sometimes annoying now handy i have copied the page.

my first thought was to buy an extra uart serial usb module but that is not neccessary with the given possiblities by the usb cleint dp module.