Jpg decoding on netmf 4.3. anyone done it?

I have tiny jpg files (128x128) which I would I get over the network and I would like to decode and display on a ST7735 based display.
It doesn’t have to be fast…
Has anyone done jpg decoding on netmf 4.3?
Even better does anyone have the source to do it? :slight_smile:

JPEG decoding is built in, just create a bitmap object using your JPEG data.

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Hi Gus,
I’m running on a CerbuinoNet with 4.3.

I used this line of code:

Bitmap b = new Bitmap(zonepage, Bitmap.BitmapImageType.Jpeg);

where zonepage was a valid byte[] of a jpg, approx 10k bytes

and got the following exception:

Message = “Exception was thrown: System.NotImplementedException

Call stack:

I can only assume it means that the CerbuinoNet doesn’t support loading jpgs?
Or am I doing something wrong?


PS. I converted the same image to BMP and got this exception:
Message = “Exception was thrown: System.OutOfMemoryException

I also converted it to GIF and got:
Message = “Exception was thrown: System.NotImplementedException

The cerb family doesn’t have enough resources to decode JPEG.

Sounds like you need some new gear. Have you heard of the new coming SITCore family?

So, I am assuming, that only BMP is supported on my setup :frowning:

Yes BMP is supported but you have little memory to do graphics. You can handle tiny images.

ok, thanks. Thought I would try it :slight_smile: I might do some chunking server side and load the image piece by piece…

no haven’t hear dor SITCore. Just looked it up! Looks really cool
Maybe it is time to upgrade!
How do I get me one of those??? :slight_smile: