Joystick module driver

I was investigating Joystick module driver when I found a few interesting bits that I would like to point out.

  1. In 4.3 version there is line:

I think it should be:

```cs]socket.EnsureTypeIsSupported('A', this);[/code

2. There is no [em]EnsureTypeIsSupported[/em] check in 4.2 version.
3. Is it really necessary to do 20 readings (10 readings per axis) to get accurate joystick position? Maybe 3 readings per axis would be more than enough? Doing so could increase the performance.

@ iamin - You are correct that it should check for ‘A’. That has been fixed in 4.3. I also added a property to set the number of times the input is sampled. It defaults to five now.

We no longer do any work in 4.2 so these changes will not make it to that driver.