Java for ARM

Oracle has released an ARM edition of Java called ME. Let’s hope it’s better than Windows ME :wink:

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Wonder if it’s going to turn into a Apple vs Sumsung court battle with MS suing Oracle over the name :smiley:

I would guess Windows ME is trademarked, which means MS HAS to sue Oracle over it, or they’d lose the trademark.

I don’t even think Microsoft wants to claim Windows ME… :wink:

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It won’t go anywhere. So called Jave elites and purist will spend all their time writing supporting frameworks that will dawf any project that might use them, argue about architectures, methodologies, etc (with no actual data of course) and generally doing whatever they can to avoid actually writing any project code. Its a problem that seems inherent to Java.

Android got pretty far :slight_smile:

Because Android wasn’t written with Java (while there is some Java in Android, how much of the OS guts is Java, I rest my case).

Well you have generalized “everything java”. Android wouldn’t be there without its java applications. :wink:

What made Android successful were the 412 lines of C# in it :slight_smile:


OK you win! :slight_smile:

The amount of C# code on android devices according to that site rings in at 0.0%

Also, in the Micro Framework C# vs Java debate, both languages on the platform would be interpreted, so execution speeds will be similar, however, the winner will be decided by how well the resources and garbage collection routines are handled. My guess is that C# would win because it already has been through a longer development process for embedded devices (without an underlying OS). Java may make their software better with updates in the future, but in my opinion would still lack a Gadgeteer-style interface which is what makes NETMF great in the first place, so I do not see Java making a strong enough platform to knock NETMF off it’s tracks, however, it does open up the doors on embedded devices simply by giving the user yet another option in the end.

Great site … good time waster :smiley: