J11D Ethernet doesn't work, processor heats up


I purchased FEZ Spider last week. It first time I’m using J11D Ethernet, and when I plug it to the main board and main board connect to my laptop, my laptop popup “device not recognize” and the mainboard processor heats up.

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Is the main board recognized when you plug it in without any modules attached?

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Yes, the main board recognized the display, Led, thermother, button module. I have done some projects with and everything works.

But when I plugged Ethernet J11D, my laptop stop recognize the main board (connect througt USB Client DP), and processor of the main board heats up.

PS. I haven’t connect extra power to USB Client DP (it is connected directly to my laptop, and powered by USB)


Your USB is not providing enough power so when you plus Ethernet (which draws a lot of power) you end up with problems.

Always use powered hub or power pack.

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What’s powered hub do you recommand please (spec, volt, watt) ?


Anything is okay, even from walmart but I wouldn’t recommend the cheap ones from ebay!

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