J-link segger and arm

Please, I need a more generic jtag tools, for cortex STM, Nxp and so on. Is J-link segger working with them for flashing and debugging?

Sure. I use my j-link all the time for a wide variety of micros.

@ jay - Thanks for info.
I placed an order on ebay for $20+shipping … It may be a chinasegger … will see.

Ok, I receive my china-clone-segger. Obviously this is a clone, I had no doubt.
This guys has no shame ! They clone also writing, marks and case. Look at the PCB …

But there’s a surprise: attaching and running j-link software this junk clone is updated with segger last fw, that is done for original product, recognizing it’s a clone ! So no possible to use!

There’s some hacking to do and it can work, but be aware that around there’s a lot of junk about that.

see if you can pick one of these up somewhere (use your local mouser/Farnell/Element14). 8.08.90 Segger Microcontroller | Mouser Australia Marginally more than eBay clone, but real, and you are guaranteed to learn stuff from it, it’s “educational”.

@ Brett - I know that It was a clone, but I was corious about this rig, in $20 it included shipping and V8 connector with multi-cable adapter.

I’ve reflashed fake-J-link using sam-ba and a manually modified fw and now it’s working ok.
I’m succefully testing with DL40 module using Taylorza doc and it works fine.

Mouser has on stock the educational J-Link for less than €50 ! Ahahaha I was really stupid.