I've been playing with the new Photsynth App on windows phone

It’s a lot harder to do than I thought but managed to get my first 360 degree synth :slight_smile:



Nice! How many pictures did you need to create that?

Very nice!

You just keep slowly moving the phone around and it takes pictures automatically. They do an app for the iPhone too.

Cool! Is that in the UK? Looks more like the rain forest.

Yup, in the UK. It’s under these trees here :slight_smile:

Sweet. They are geotagged, but this one must be brandy new, as I got a bing message saying it wasn’t mappable (and it takes 2-3 hours to do so after upload).

Is there an Android version?

Unfortunately no android version yet. But you can take the pictures and upload to let the server stitch them together.

My Galaxy Nexus takes realy nice panoramic pictures. Comes with Android 4.0

So does my Galaxy S4.

Nice view! Doesn’t look like something around GHI’s office, though.

Samsung Charge (Android 2.3.6)