It's the Embedded Software guys fault!

I find it hard to believe a couple of software engineers came up with this idea with no encouragement from the management.

Agreed. What a scumbag.


@ skeller - Since VW fired the Porsche Boss, Mr. Wiedeking (who re-established Porsche and made it really a big-player on the market again), the family of Ferdinand Piëch took over. Since that day, it was more of a chaos then ever. This guy has a lot of power. He was the chairman of the VW advisory board for a very long time. I knew it would end up similar to this. To blame the people who are working at the lower end of the line. Very typical for Germany in general.

Wow the BS Meter just exploded in a mushroom cloud.

Lets think about this for a moment as software dudes how many times a day does management sound like a bunch of kids in a car on a long drive, ‘is it done yet’, ‘when is it going to be done’, ‘how much farther is it’, ‘what are you working on’, etc etc etc etc, so unless VW is the one exception in the world that lets software developers work without constant management interruptions or this is one giant stinky turd and I can smell it from here.

The real test will be if they can ‘fix’ the software which ‘fixes’ the problem, but I suspect that the software was ‘fixed’ because ‘someone’ told the software dudes that there was a problem, so its definitely more then just a handful of developers (strange as well as apparently it was quite elaborate in operation so some ‘QA’ had to been done as well, wow someone get me a shovel the sh*t factor has run amuck).

I got a buck that says emails etc are being hunted down and deleted/wipped like crazy at VW right now.


@ Duke Nukem - This is why I always backup my work-mails. I am very interested what the developers would say about this.

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The more I think about this the more crazy it is to blame the software guys.

To make the current cars complaint they will need to install additional mechanical components and it will most likely reduce the overall performance and efficiency of the engine.
What it sounds like to me is that marketing got involved and said they needed certain price point and performance numbers at all cost. Little did they know how much it would really cost. . . :think:

This is why we have code reviews; which is a management strategy. The CEO is fully to blame.

@ Mr. John Smith - Its very simple, if management knew about it, their gone, if management didn’t know about this then they should be fired for dereliction of duties and given the size of this, that chain goes right up to the CEO and likely the Chairman of the Board, I mean anytime a screw up instantly devalues your company by 30% and threatens its very future, oh ya baby there are changes coming in a big way (2016 model delivery has been halted as they withdrew their application seeking US emissions standards for a number of its 2016 models likely because they have this defeat device as well). The very future of the company is in the air, as how do you win back customer who purchased your product base on ‘engineering excellence’ or ‘performance’ when people will be going to prison over this and your once performing diesel is going to be neutered with a machete at huge expense to VW, the hipsters are going to be looking elsewhere for their ride, not to mention the resell value of a their VW’s has landed somewhere in the neighborhood of river front property in Chernobyl. So it doesn’t matter if they knew about this or not, they are gone, their customers are gone and their cash is going to be gone once the recalls and fines etc start flying. Even Germany is going to feel this as the ripples are going to be far reaching.

At the very least, this means that Germany is heading down the road of licensed Software Engineers. If 2 programmers could do this much damage.

Licensing will never happen as the cost etc just won’t let it happen, and I do have a huge problem calling software developers engineers but I’ve hashed that over lots in the past.

It’s what president Lincoln already knew some hundred years ago: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.
This disaster is really shaming, not only because of the cheating but also because of the stupidity. And… even software engineers should have their point to say: No.

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Sure, always blame management for everything! It’s not always our fault! :whistle:

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@ Gary - If a child drinks cleaning products and dies, does the media blame the child or the parent for not providing proper parental supervision?

Let’s hope that the software developers are not children.

@ suitable1 - In my experience they can be.