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It's quiet here?


Have not seen a new post for hours. Is something wrong?


funny we are used to seeing so much around the clock. I think everyone is out enjoying summer.


Maybe everyone took a second job to save up for a Spider?


It’s summer time! 8)


it’s winter time !!

Well down under it is anyway :slight_smile:


Summer time here too but it almost feels like winter ::slight_smile:


Haha Eric, here it’s around 22-23 degrees now and the sun is shining very bright (makes me sweat,lol) while etching my PCB’s :D:D:D


Bring back ‘the point award’ together with ‘the project thread or topic’ when someone post the project or video might help!
So we could see some interesting project post as the work in progress.
Or may be some “CONTEST” like we used to have!!

Don’t you thing, Gus?


Maybe things are quiet since nothing exciting was announced in the past week?


We’re all just sitting by our mailboxes waiting for Spiders or combing our couches for enough change to place an order.


Just got back from a mini vacation on a lake.


Just checking in from a cruise on my sailboat. When I get back I have to choose between one of my motorcycles or an rv trip. And then my race sailboat for the Fall Series. Winter in North America is for workin’.