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Its possible to make Digital Di8 as InterruptPort on Fez Domino


i want to make Di8 as InterruptPort on Domino, and can someone help me


not possible. Check the Domino documentation, the pinout map clearly states DI8 is not interrupt input capable.




and one question, i want to read analog input size with 0 to 12V, and also is this possible?


Sure, by using a voltage divider : only 2 resistors !
Look here for information :

Since the analog pins reads voltage from 0 to 3,3v, you will need for your example to use a 4x factor;

With real world resistors values, for Z1 you can use a 3,3K resistor, for Z2 a 1K resistor, and you will be able to read from 0 to 14 volts.
Connect Vout to your FEZ board analog pin, and Vin is your probeā€¦


tnx very much, but has someone example, need help


May I suggest you run through first?

Then to read analog inputs: