It's Pi Time!

Today we are excited to announce that we will be stocking and selling the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B! The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable device that enables people of all ages to explore computing and learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

What makes the Raspberry Pi 2 so exciting are the toppings that we have added to our ecosystem. Are you looking for an easy way to monitor and control the world around you? Look no further, the FEZ HAT is what you have been craving! The FEZ HAT allows for a Fast and Easy (FEZ) way to connect all kinds of sensors and devices to the Raspberry Pi. Not only that but we provide the necessary C# code to use the FEZ HAT on the Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 Iot Core via a NuGet package.

Curious to see more, simply check out our Rasperry Pi offerings in our catalog,

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B:
FEZ Cream:
FEZ Utility:
NuGet Package: NuGet Gallery | ghielectronics


Any plans to add the Wifi modules and official touchscreen?

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Possible, after we determine the demand for them.

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One please. :wink:

He said [em]demand[/em], not “ask nicely”… jeez.

You have say “I DEMAND ONE” in all caps…

<— is Canadian.

Well that IS a conundrum.
Okay… pretend Gary just checked you into the boards hard, and tried to slew-foot you. :smiley:

Sorry eh, didn’t see you there Gary.

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Really guys, one? Who gets one of anything anymore (modules, mainboards, wives, etc)? If I had @ Squeebee money, I’d be adding a letter to GHI :slight_smile:

What is new with this model?


I am willing to have one. So should I buy this model or Should I wait for new model?

I see no sign of a new model on the horizon, so you may be waiting for quite a while.

What sort of applications do you have in mind, jean_howard_who_is_a_totally_legit_new_user?

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The references in that link to Raspberry Pi 2 Model B looks a bit confusing to me, as they keep drawing comparisons on to the Rpi 1.

I think they are just referring to what we currently know as “Raspberry Pi 2”. The model B part is just there because it has the same form factor as the older RPi 1 model B+;

@ Gary -
Hi Gary,
I just stumbled on these items today. I am interested in the FEZ Cream as I can plug the plethora of GHI devices which I already own into it. But, I think I read that the camera is not supported. Does this mean if I install the FEZ Cream on top of my RP3, the GHI camera I have is not supported? Camera support in W10 is a giant black hole, as I am not sure what is and what is not supported. I simply want to take pictures using either the RP3 hardware, or my GHI camera I will buy whatever I need, but I want to first make sure I order the correct stuff.

@ Mooo999 - this specific usb camera is working fine in w10 iot core. You need to attach it to pi USB port not to fez cream.